Review: Gunbarrel Brewing

I first read about Marie and Jamie Fox’s plans for their brewery in the Daily Camera (I think), and went to their fund-raising site at Indiegogo. They raised $11,470 from 105 backers, including $150 from me, which gave me no equity, just a free pint a month for life, which I’ve been claiming since they opened in July. (I need to stay alive and drinking beer until the end of 2019 to break even.)

When I first saw the place and introduced myself to Marie, I told her how amazed I was at the size of the place. “Go big or go home,” she said. It’s 20,000 sq. ft.! Maybe around half of that is in two huge rooms, one at the front with the bar and a bunch of tables, and another one just behind it with more tables, a couple of pool tables, a ping-pong table, a Foosball table, and a half-dozen pinball machines.

Here are some photos of the public areas, including the patio in front:

In back is the brewery, along with a big lab so Jamie can experiment and develop new brews:

No kitchen, but they have food trucks every day:

With all that space, they can do a lot besides just serve beer:

“Big” also applies to their beer list, which is longer and more ambitious that any of the other breweries in Gunbarrel:

Long Haul: LIght and refreshing blonde ale
Sweet Jane: Wheat ale with loads of palisade hops
Bogan: Australian Sparkling Ale.
Bohemian Saazity: Crisp & clean Kolsch w/ Saaz hops
Edna: Saison with proprietary yeast strain
Begbie: Scottish Ale. named for the infamous iron fist
Rosemerry: Savory Pale Ale with rosemary
Holee Cow: Lactose IPA
Moonshadow Mesmerizer: Mochi-inspired NE Style IPA with Matcha green tea powder from The Tea Spot, lactose & tapioca starch.
Midnight Rider: Traditional porter.
Bad Wolf: Delightfully bitter IPA w/ a touch of lactose
Wilson: American IPA
Forbidden: Sour w/ lactobacillus, black & red currants
Milo of Croton: Export Stout.
Mary Ann: tropical fruit beer with loads of Denali hops, passion fruit and guava
Dirty Habit: Double IPA

Yesterday I had a Milo of Croton, my free pint for October, and then a Dirty Habit, which I paid for. I also paid for some terrific salt & vinegar pretzels, made in Boulder. See how they tricked me?

Their beer list, which changes often, is exactly why you go to a brewery instead of, say, Element Bistro, which also has a large beer list. Most of Gunbarrel Brewing’s interesting beers will never find their way onto a distributor’s truck.

One thing Jamie and Marie can’t do by all by themselves is fill the place. Notice the empty seats in the photos? But, it’s the best brewery in Gunbarrel, maybe the best in Boulder County, maybe the best in Colorado. You should visit and try their beer. If you can’t decide, Marie will pour you a sampler, and you can taste them all.

(Notice Vindication Brewing on the map above? They’ve been overshadowed by Gunbarrel Brewing, I think. I only went there once, and I need to go back so I can write something on them. There… I’ve just assigned myself some more work.)

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