Review: Vindication Brewing

Vindication closed on 28-April-2018.

Vindication opened asĀ Kettle & Stone Brewing in 2013, but a conflict with another brewer (on the West Coast, as I recall) forced them to change their name. Their tap room is small compared to Gunbarrel Brewing, but, then, so is everybody else’s tap room. But it’s comfortable and, unlike Gunbarrel Brewing, has a view of the mountains:

Like the other breweries in Gunbarrel, except maybe for Avery, Vindication is nothing special on the outside:

Being more established than Gunbarrel Brewing, Vindication already has distribution to some of the smaller liquor stores around Boulder, but apparently not Hazel or Liquor Mart. I’ve seen their beer on tap at the Boulder Country Club, too.

I first visited what was then Kettle & Stone when it opened, but hadn’t been back until last Monday. I had a Freedom Stout, which was excellent. Vindication has around half as many beers as Gunbarrel Brewing, fewer events, and no food trucks. But, if all you want is a beer and maybe some snacks, it’s top notch. Here’s their beer list, enlarged from the first photo:

If you’re walking or biking from any of the neighborhoods to the south of Gunbarrel Technical Center, there’s a shortcut from the LOBO trail, with a skinny bridge that somebody built to cross the ditch, which you can see on the map below. Otherwise, enter the Tech Center from 71st St. and follow Winchester Circle to Vindication.

If you’re going by bike, you probably don’t want to ride it over that bridge, because you’ll suffer a nasty, wet fall if you go off it:

If you go on a Monday, pints are $1.50 off, which is a great deal.

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