Mockingbird Concept Plan

The concept plan has been filed with the City of Boulder for development of the so-called Mockingbird site, on 2.4 acres SE of Lookout Rd. and Gunpark Dr. I blogged about this a couple weeks ago.

Disclosure: I have no connection with this development, but I am friends the Petur Williams, one of the principals. I do like beer, food, and libraries, all three of which will be part of this development.

There’s an open house every Thursday starting around 5PM where you can learn about what’s planned first hand from Thysson George Williams, Petur’s son, who is main guy behind the project. I dropped in just once, even before their concept plan was filed with the City. Good wine and barbecue. Most recently, it was 5-7pm at 6700 Lookout Road, No. 3 & No. 6.

Anyway, the documents for the plan are now posted on the City web site:

0_LUR Application.pdf
1_Sign Posting.pdf
4_Legal Description.pdf
6A_Written Statement.pdf
6B_Written Statement.pdf
6C_Written Statement.pdf
22_Context Map.pdf
23_Schematic_Architectural Sketches.pdf
31_Trip Generation_Trip Distribution .pdf
33_Inclusionary Zoning.pdf

If you have time to read only one, is should be 6B.

My impression of the whole thing is that it’s totally first class, and I also appreciate the transparency that the Williams family has offered as they go through this very long process.