Gunbarrel Restaurant List

Here are all the restaurants and tap rooms in Gunbarrel, as far as I know. The locations are:

  • Gunbarrel Square (where King Soopers is)
  • Gunbarrel Center (the new on-street retail under the apartments)
  • Spine South (Spine Rd. south of Lookout; just south of First Bank)
  • Spine North (Spine Rd. north of Lookout Rd.)
  • Twin Lakes Tech Park (Nautilus Dr, off of 63rd St.)
  • 63rd St. and Lookout Rd.
  • Gunbarrel Tech Center (71st St.)
  • Longbow Drive (where Medtronic is and Leanin’ Tree was)

Restaurants in bold are ones I’ve been to; a link means that I’ve written a review. A ♥ means I go to the place regularly or want to. If a place I’ve never been to doesn’t have a ♥, that doesn’t mean I won’t like it once I’ve been there.

I’ve omitted cafes inside office buildings and factories, such as the Celestial Cafe inside Celestial Seasonings. Also omitted is the Boulder Country Club, which is open only to members and their guests.

Ampersand Coffee Roasters – Spine North
Aperitivo – Spine North ♥
Asher Brewing – Twin Lakes Tech Park
Avery Brewing – Twin Lakes Tech Park
Beyond the Mountain Brewing – Longbow Drive
Blackjack Pizza – Gunbarrel Square (now closed)
Domino’s Pizza – Gunbarrel Square (where Blackjack was)
Burger King – Gunbarrel Square
Cafe Blue – Gunbarrel Square
Dannik’s Gunbarrel Corner Bar – Gunbarrel Square
Deli Zone – Spine South
Element Bistro – 63rd & Lookout (almost gets a ♥ for its rooftop bar)
Finkel & Garf Brewing – Spine North ♥
Gunbarrel Brewing – Gunbarrel Tech Center ♥
Gurkhas Restaurant & Bar – Gunbarrel Square (moved to Longmont)
Lookout Cafe & Cocktails – Gunbarrel Center
The Morning Table – Gunbarrel Square (in the space vacated by Gurkhas) ♥
Proto’s Pizzeria Napoletana – Gunbarrel Center ♥
Raglin Market – Gunbarrel Center
Rush Bowls – Spine North
Sancho’s Authentic Mexican Restaurant – Gunbarrel Square ♥
Snarf’s – Gunbarrel Square ♥
Subway – Gunbarrel Square ♥
Tod’s Espresso Cafe – Gunbarrel Square
Up Dog Cafe – Gunbarrel Square (replaces Page Two Cafe)
Vindication Brewing – Gunbarrel Tech Center (now closed)
Yurihana – Gunbarrel Square ♥

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