Gunbarrel Restaurant List

Here are all the restaurants and tap rooms in Gunbarrel, as far as I know. The locations are:

  • Gunbarrel Square (where King Soopers is)
  • Gunbarrel Center (the new on-street retail under the apartments)
  • Spine South (Spine Rd. south of Lookout; just south of First Bank)
  • Spine North (Spine Rd. north of Lookout Rd.)
  • Twin Lakes Tech Park (Nautilus Dr, off of 63rd St.)
  • 63rd St. and Lookout Rd.
  • Gunbarrel Tech Center (71st St.)
  • Gunbarrel Ave./Spine Rd. (Medtronic, Leanin’ Tree, and Celestial)

Restaurants in bold are ones I’ve been to; a link means that I’ve written a review. A ♥ means I go to the place regularly or want to. If a place I’ve never been to doesn’t have a ♥, that doesn’t mean I won’t like it once I’ve been there.

I’ve omitted Boulder Country Club, which is open only to members and their guests.

Ampersand Coffee Roasters – Spine North
Aperitivo – Spine North ♥
Asher Brewing – Twin Lakes Tech Park
Avery Brewing – Twin Lakes Tech Park
Beyond the Mountain Brewing – Gunbarrel Ave./Spine Rd.
Blackjack Pizza – Gunbarrel Square (now closed)
Domino’s Pizza – Gunbarrel Square (where Blackjack was)
Burger King – Gunbarrel Square
Cafe Blue – Gunbarrel Square
Celestial Cafe – Gunbarrel Ave./Spine Rd. ♥
Dannik’s Gunbarrel Corner Bar – Gunbarrel Square (now closed)
Deli Zone – Spine South
Element Bistro – 63rd & Lookout (almost gets a ♥ for its rooftop bar)
Finkel & Garf Brewing – Spine North ♥
Fringe Pizza – Spine North
Gunbarrel Brewing – Gunbarrel Tech Center ♥
Gurkhas Restaurant & Bar – Gunbarrel Square (moved to Longmont)
Lookout Cafe & Cocktails – Gunbarrel Center
The Morning Table – Gunbarrel Square (in the space vacated by Gurkhas) ♥
Proto’s Pizzeria Napoletana – Gunbarrel Center ♥
Raglin Market – Gunbarrel Center
Rush Bowls – Spine North
Sancho’s Authentic Mexican Restaurant – Gunbarrel Square ♥
Snarf’s – Gunbarrel Square ♥
Subway – Gunbarrel Square ♥
Tod’s Espresso Cafe – Gunbarrel Square
Up Dog Cafe – Gunbarrel Square (replaces Page Two Cafe)
Vindication Brewing – Gunbarrel Tech Center (now closed)
Yurihana – Gunbarrel Square ♥

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