Gunbarrel’s Six (now 5) Breweries

I’ve now reviewed all five six:

Beyond the Mountain
Finkel & Garf
Vindication (now closed)

They all know how to brew great beers, but there are differences:

  • Avery is the only one with a full restaurant
  • Vindication has $1.50 off on Mondays
  • Gunbarrel and Asher have food trucks (call to make sure one is there)
  • Finkel & Garf is very close to Gunbarrel shopping and restaurants
  • Asher is organic
  • Avery and Gunbarrel are the most adventurous with exotic brews
  • Gunbarrel has more activities than all the others combined.
  • Beyond the Mountain is the newest and has the most attractive tap room.

2 thoughts on “Gunbarrel’s Six (now 5) Breweries”

  1. I think you captured the breweries pretty well, thank you. I’m looking forward to your review of Beyond the Mountain, as well as my own visit there.


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