Review: Avery Brewing

Avery is much older and much bigger than the other breweries in Gunbarrel, by a lot. They started in 1993 in Boulder, and moved to Gunbarrel in 2015.

(Photo from their website; not from me.)

Avery’s huge building is just north of Asher, in the Twin Lakes Tech Park and it’s very close to West Twin Lake:

Avery runs a full restaurant in their tap room, along with about 30 beers, half of which are tap-room-only. According to Yelp, the food is pretty good, but my daughter and I only had the giant pretzel. It was excellent, so maybe you can extrapolate from that?

Avery beers are pretty well-known, and you’ve probably had them many times, since they’re widely distributed in cans and bottles. In the tap room they’re fresher. I had an Old Jubilation Ale, which was just great.

Prices are high in the tap room. You can get a $6 pint (no pints at $5), but some of the exotic beers are a lot more, such as $9 for 5 oz. The food is up there, too. Nothing like a pint for $3.50 at Vindication on Mondays.

Here are a couple of photos of the tap room:

If you get a beer at the bar, you can walk around on a catwalk above the brewing and canning/bottling equipment:

And there are some interesting places to sit:

When the Avery tap room first opened, it was impossible to get in. But now things have calmed down a lot, and you can make a reservation on their web site.

In summary: Avery has some interesting beers in their tap room, they’re expensive, and it’s somewhat of a hassle to park and walk into the big building and up the stairs. For me, it’s not a place I’d just drop into–more of a destination. Example: Yesterday I was driving on 71st St., and decided to just swing by Vindication. I don’t see myself “swinging by” Avery. Which is not to say that I’m not thrilled that they’re here in Gunbarrel!

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