Review: Finkel & Garf Brewing

Finkel & Garf is a father (Eric GarFINKEL) and son (Dan GARFinkel) operation, the closest of Gunbarrel’s breweries to downtown (i.e., Lookout and Spine). It’s just a block north, halfway between Lookout and Aperitivo:

Like the other industrial-space breweries, it’s not much to look at on the outside, lacking Asher’s tree:

But the inside is very nice:

The snack shelves and lights look good. Wood chairs would be better, and maybe they’ll upgrade at some point. The plastic is comfortable, however, and the colors speak to Finkel & Garf’s playful theme.

All pints at Finkel & Garf are $5, except maybe the High ABV Imperial Red (confusing sign):

Finkel & Garf is the only Gunbarrel brewery other than Avery to sell cans, which are the best way to package a beer other than returnable bottles:

(Photo from their website; not from me.)

You can buy Finkel & Garf cans in stores, such as Hazel, or from the tap room.

Their Oatmeal Milk Stout won a gold at the 2017 Great American Beer Festival, and it’s pretty good, as are their other brews.

There are lots of games at Finkel & Garf; notice the legos on the tables in the photo above. Even their logo features toys:

If I have a complaint, it’s that they don’t have On Tap Kitchen Salt & Vinegar pretzels, just stale Synder’s. Lots of other packaged snacks, too, none of which I’ve tried. On the other hand, the Snyder’s were only $1, and the On Tap are $3, 3/5 of what the pint costs. Maybe it’s me–I like pretzels with my beer. (I paid $7 for a baked pretzel at Avery, and it was worth the $7.)

To summarize: Finkel & Garf gets top marks for its beer, its attractive tap room, and its convenient location.



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