HOA Board Meeting Minutes Finally Posted

Two-and-a-half weeks after they were supposed to be posted. The page has HOA Annual and Board minutes under the same heading, but at least the minutes are finally posted.

As far as the minutes themselves go:

  • Most of the meeting was held under executive session (I was asked to leave), contrary to Colorado law, and
  • My own participation was incorrectly documented. The minutes say that I asked to be present (it was a public meeting; no need to ask), that I was there to discuss a particular set of issues (not true; I never gave a reason why I was there), and that I threatened to work against Bylaw changes (I only said I would be against them if they made changes to the voting percentages).

Still, it’s a small victory, as the Board has never before announced a meeting nor published minutes. Let’s hope they continue doing this.

Also, since the Board doesn’t know how to take and post minutes promptly, let me suggest a way:

  1. Take the minutes on a laptop into a Google doc. (Any middle-school kid knows how to do this.)
  2. Set the doc for public sharing.
  3. Post the link to the draft minutes on the website. Or, if that’s too hard, send an email to Fruition telling them to do it, since we pay them up to $1000 per year for website maintenance.

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