Review: Beyond the Mountain Brewing

Beyond the Mountain is Gunbarrel’s newest brewery, the sixth, joining Asher, Avery, Finkel & Garf, Gunbarrel, and Vindication. It’s in a new building, across from where the Leanin’ Tree museum was, and next to Medtronic:

This place is gorgeous, easily the best-looking brewery in Gunbarrel, nicer even than Avery:

That’s Miriam, Tap Room Manager, in the photo. The brewery is behind the glass windows, not hidden away, as it is in some Gunbarrel breweries, such as Asher and Vindication. Beyond doesn’t have nearly the room that Gunbarrel Brewery has, so they can’t hold big events, like the recent comic-book show that Gunbarrel had, but the space is much more attractive than Gunbarrel’s vast factory.

The brewery “grew out of a mutual love of artisanal beer and live music between two lifelong friends,” so music is big here, or will be. Not only are some of the beers brewed in conjunction with local bands (no idea what that means), but there’s a big music stage:

They don’t have any live bands scheduled yet, but at the end of the month they’re going to be showing a Phish stream on that screen that rolls down. (If you’re a Phish fan you no doubt know what that means. I think Gunbarrel had one a few months ago.)

They’ve only been open about three days, so I forgive them for not having my favorite pretzels, or any stouts or porters. Miriam tells me the pretzels will be coming. Maybe some stronger beers, too.

The beer I had, an amber, was excellent. Here’s the opening list:

Note the reasonable prices for a pint.

It’s early yet, so we don’t know exactly where Beyond is going to go, but judging by the looks of the place, they’re off to a great start. And if you’re west of 63rd St., you no longer have to drive an extra two minutes to get to Asher or Avery.

Beyond is only open five days a week, and maybe that will change at some point, too:

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