Gunbarrel Center has adequate parking

NOTE: I posted the following on a year-and-a-half ago, but just added an update today, which you can see at the end.

It seems that from posts I’ve read here and from talking to friends that it is widely believed that there is inadequate parking for Gunbarrel Center residents, so much so that I’ve heard a few friends say that it won’t be possible to shop at the Gunbarrel King Soopers. I think the people who say this are just assuming it’s true, because they have a negative view of this apartment development. While there may be several reasons to be negative, inadequate parking shouldn’t be one of them.

The bedroom breakdown for the 251 units in Gunbarrel Center is:

Jr 1br/1ba, ~540 ft2 = 9 total
1br/1ba, ~785 ft2 = 118 total
2br/2ba, ~1,150 ft2 = 113 total
3br, 2ba, ~1,320 ft2 = 11 total

Onsite car parking is:

Required Commercial Stalls – 187
Required Residential Stalls – 318

This includes internal on-street parking.

It looks like there are 1.27 spaces per unit.

Let’s say that 75% of 2+ bedroom units have two cars. Say 30% of 1 bedroom units have two cars. The rest of the 2+ and 1 bedroom units have 1 car. Total would be:

124*2*.75 + 124*.25 + 118*2*.3 + 118*.7 + 9 = 380 cars

This leaves 62 cars without spaces to be parked on surrounding streets, the most obvious one of which is Gunpark Dr.

Of course, my figures of 75% and 30% are just guesses. You can plug in your own guesses, and get anything from more than enough onsite parking to not nearly enough. For example, if only 50% of the 2+ bedroom units have 2 cars and only 20% of the 1 bedroom units, there are only 19 extra cars. If all of the 251 units have 2 cars, there’s a need for 502 spaces, which leaves 184 extra cars to be parked offsite.

From a Google map, I measured Gunpark Dr. between Spine and Lookout as 2000 feet, with parking on both sides, for a total of 4000 feet. There are 10 driveways and one street. Assuming a loss of 40 feet each, that leaves 3600 feet for parking. Assuming 18 feet per car, there’s room for 200 cars. So, even if one assumes 2 cars for each of Gunbarrel Center’s 251 units, all of them can be parked onsite or on Gunpark Dr. Absent Gunbarrel Center, there is essentially no overnight parking on Gunpark Dr. now, as the adjoining buildings are all commercial.

While I suppose one might object to the use of Gunpark Dr. for parking by Gunbarrel Center residents, this doesn’t seem fair to me. It’s a public street, and even residents of single-family homes with driveways and garages often use the public streets for parking. Most public streets in Gunbarrel are designed for that, especially Gunpark Dr., which, for some reason, is unusually wide.

UPDATE: Yesterday I left the house about 6:45AM to go to Longmont, but took a few minutes to swing by Gunpark Dr. and the King Soopers parking lot. I had heard from a developer friend who knows Gunbarrel better than anyone that the apartments were almost fully rented, so this was a good time to see what the parking situation was. I think the offices are mostly vacant, and I know the retail is, but neither of those need any parking at 7AM on a Sunday.

I would say Gunpark Dr. had about 30 or 40 cars, mostly clustered next to the Gunbarrel Center apartments, as you would expect. There was still room for another 150 or so cars. The King Soopers lot was nearly empty; it had maybe 25 cars. Since the store was open, those were mostly customers and employees.

So, I can say with some certainty that between my theoretical analysis and my actual observation early on a Sunday, Gunbarrel Center created no parking problem and no problem finding a parking space to shop at King Soopers.

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