Review: Tod’s Espresso Cafe


I’ve been past Tod’s a hundred times, but never went in, as I don’t generally buy coffee at coffee shops. But, I was there for a meeting, so I had the opportunity review the place.

It’s pretty impressive what they’ve done with this nondescript place, as you can see from the photo. Lots of coffee selections, as you’d expect. I only drink black coffee, and it was excellent. Happy hour is from 1PM to 2PM,  when there’s a dollar off, so that’s a great deal. Have your meeting then!

Of course, they have WiFi, with the password written on the wall, so you don’t even have to ask for it.

Tod’s is open early, even when everything else but King Soopers and the gas station is closed: 6AM weekdays, and 6:30AM in weekends. For breakfast they have Moe’s bagels with cream cheese and pastries. For lunch, they have sandwiches for $6.25 and salads for $6.50.

As I said, I’m not a coffee-shop person, but if I were, I’d think Tod’s would be a terrific place to hang out. I might go there myself if I need to use WiFi or get quick early breakfast. (And don’t want to drive all the way to Aunt Alice’s Kitchen in Longmont, which has the best breakfast anywhere, but is outside my review range.)

Review: Dannik’s Gunbarrel Corner Bar


Dannik’s has everything a casual bar needs to have: Open late (for Gunbarrel), until 10 PM. Sixteen draft beers, about half from Boulder County. Seven TVs. Dinner for $10. A lively atmosphere.

Think of it as a burger place, although they do have Philly cheese steaks and entrees, including a couple of unambitious seafood items. I had a steak, which was pretty good, if not great. My companion had the fish-of-the-day (don’t remember what it was), which was fine. I’ll bet the burgers are excellent, although I didn’t have one. And, you can get sweet potato fries.

There are a few Gunbarrel restaurants with bars, such as Element Bistro and Proto’s, but Dannik’s is our only true bar.

I wouldn’t go there for the food, but I would go if I were with friends looking to meet in a bar, or if I wanted to watch a game on cable (which I don’t have at home).

There were a couple of previous restaurants in the Dannik’s space, something like a southwestern grill, and a place called, I think, Bogey’s. Dannik’s is a clear improvement on them both. Dannik’s has four stars on Yelp, and some very favorable reviews.