Review: Dannik’s Gunbarrel Corner Bar


20-March-2019 Update: Dannik’s is now closed.

Dannik’s has everything a casual bar needs to have: Open late (for Gunbarrel), until 10 PM. Sixteen draft beers, about half from Boulder County. Seven TVs. Dinner for $10. A lively atmosphere.

Think of it as a burger place, although they do have Philly cheese steaks and entrees, including a couple of unambitious seafood items. I had a steak, which was pretty good, if not great. My companion had the fish-of-the-day (don’t remember what it was), which was fine. I’ll bet the burgers are excellent, although I didn’t have one. And, you can get sweet potato fries.

There are a few Gunbarrel restaurants with bars, such as Element Bistro and Proto’s, but Dannik’s is our only true bar.

I wouldn’t go there for the food, but I would go if I were with friends looking to meet in a bar, or if I wanted to watch a game on cable (which I don’t have at home).

There were a couple of previous restaurants in the Dannik’s space, something like a southwestern grill, and a place called, I think, Bogey’s. Dannik’s is a clear improvement on them both. Dannik’s has four stars on Yelp, and some very favorable reviews.

UPDATE: I’ve gotten a complaint that my review was luke-warm, and a couple of notes from people raving about Dannik’s, so there’s some evidence that it’s better than I think. Also, a few people liked the music, which I forgot to mention.



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  1. I have been there twice recently. I have just wonderful things to say about the food, beer, service, etc. It was a great little place full of energy and they bring in some funky, small bands too. I thought the food was excellent both times and very important the waitress was nice, fun and attentive. I’d highly reco.

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