Avery Brewing encountering tough times

I had read in the Daily Camera that Avery Brewing¬†sold 30% of itself to a Spanish brewer, but an anonymous source just gave me some more inside info: They’ve had layoffs, have stopped standard annual raises and profit sharing, and cut back on overtime.

I don’t think this means that Avery is going away, just that they’ve done some belt-tightening and gotten a capital infusion. The positive way to look at it is that they’re tending to business. Which, as I said yesterday, is very competitive, because, while craft beer sales rose by 5% in 2017, the number of breweries rose by 16%.

Someone asked me why I don’t buy Avery beer to drink at home, and my answer pretty much sums up Avery’s problem: I said that I bought Left Hand’s variety pack, 12 cans for $15 or so, because I don’t like the beers in Avery’s variety pack. The problem this illustrates is that Avery has competition, even if you limit yourself to Boulder County.

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