Review: Raglin Market

Raglin Market is right on the corner of Lookout Rd. and Gunbarrel Center Court, so we’ve been watching it under construction for months, and it finally opened a few weeks ago. It’s a fast-casual, limited-service (you take a number to your table) place, similar in operation, but not in food, to Lookout Cafe & Cocktails, which opened recently across the street.

The two restaurants have a similar interior design, which might be called “high-school cafeteria:” no tablecloths, minimal decoration, chairs that are comfortable for maybe 45 minutes, and an open, airy look. You go to those places to get served quickly and eat the food, not to hang out. They’re not dinner destinations. (I think Lookout Cafe & Cocktails is a little more stylish, but the difference isn’t very important.)

Raglin offers sandwiches, salads (with protein), and a combo (“Market Plate”). The food and drink menus are online. The meals are all between $10 and $13. Local microbrews are $6, and a glass of wine is $8. Happy-hour (2PM – 6PM) beers are only $3, and wine is $6. They also have boxed lunches that you can pick up.

Well, then, Raglin’s success depends entirely on the food, since anybody can set up tables and chairs and serve drinks.

The $13 Market Plate comes with a protein and two sides. I had pulled pork, cauliflower, and House Cured Olives, which were not pitted (see photo). The pork and cauliflower were terrific, but I should have gotten another veggie instead of the olives, as dealing with pits is more work than I like. My dinner partner had the tuna niçoise salad ($13), which she reported as OK, but not great.

The Raglin menu has lots of GF (gluten-free), V (vegan), and VG (vegetarian) choices, if you want those.

I was disappointed to have my food served on a compostable plate. At least it wasn’t paper, but china would have been better. The utensils were metal. The napkin was paper.

My conclusion: Raglin Market is a fine place for lunch and for quick, informal dinners, although they close at 8PM, so don’t be late. The menu looks limited at first glance, but there are plenty of combinations, so it’s really fairly extensive. And the prices are very reasonable. Give them a try—there’s a good chance you’ll find some things you really like.

(Their website needs work: Links that go nowhere and misspellings.)

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