Microbrew Beer at King Soopers

As of yesterday, grocery stores (and any store that used to sell 3.2 beer, which is now gone from Colorado) can sell full-strength beer, including our local King Soopers. Beer can be sold from 8am to midnight.

I dropped by to take a look, as I was curious as to what microbrews they would stock. (There are plenty of non-microbrews.) I spotted New Belgium, Oscar Blues, Odell, Avery, Upslope, and Boulder Beer. There are others often thought to be microbrews, such as Brekenridge and Blue Moon, but those are owned by giants, however independently they may be operated.

In 2016, according to the Brewers Association, the largest craft breweries in Colorado were, from the largest: New Belgium, Oscar Blues, Odell, Left Hand, Avery, Great Divide (Denver), Ska (Durango), Upslope, Crazy Mountain (Denver/Edwards), and Boulder Beer. So 6 of the 7 in Boulder and Larimer counties are represented; only Left Hand is missing. It’s pretty easy to see how King Soopers decided what to stock.

I’m going to visit Gunbarrel Liquor in a day or so to see if they’ve done anything in response, such as increasing their stock of smaller microbrews, like Finkel & GarfGunbarrel Brewing, or Wibby, all of which sell beer in cans. If they do, that would be a reason to buy your beer there. (Hazel in Boulder sells Finkel & Garf and Wibby.)

Note that King Soopers in Gunbarrel doesn’t sell wine or hard liquor. Just beer.