Boulder and Larimer County Beers at Gunbarrel Liquors

This is a replacement for the first version of this post. I had totally missed one of the beer cases!

I just dropped by Gunbarrel Liquors to see what local beers they stocked. Here’s the situation for the Boulder and Larimer breweries in the Colorado Top 10 (those counties in bold):

  1. New Belgium – yes
  2. Oscar Blues – yes
  3. Odell – yes
  4. Left Hand – yes
  5. Avery – yes
  6. Great Divide (Denver)
  7. Ska (Durango)
  8. Upslope – yes
  9. Crazy Mountain (Denver/Edwards)
  10. Boulder Beer – yes

So they have 7 of 7. King Soopers has 6 of 7. (Gunbarrel Liquors also has Great Divide and Ska; I didn’t check for Crazy Mountain.)

They also have canned beer from much smaller local breweries: Finkel & Garf, Wibby, Asher, and New Planet. King Soopers doesn’t have any of these.

The price for Finkel & Garf is the same as the price at the brewery across the street. (Same at Hazel, too.) So you could buy it at Gunbarrel Liquors to support Finkel & Garf’s retail presence, or buy it directly to give them more of the profit.

So, three cheers for Gunbarrel Liquors for their selection of craft beers and, especially, their collection of very local ones.

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