Review: Breakfast at Aperitivo

[Update: See the end of this post.]

I wrote a review of Aperitivo back in November 2017, shortly after they opened, but I only recently had breakfast there, so here are some comments about their breakfasts.

The short version: Excellent service, very tasty, small portions.

I had a create-it-yourself omelette (peppers, onions, cheese, bacon, spinach) for $9 with a very small bowl of fruit. No bread and no potatoes or grits. It was fine as omelettes go, but wasn’t the large breakfast I prefer.

My dining companion had The Aperitivo Breakfast, also $9, with scrambled eggs, bacon, toast, and the same small fruit bowl. You can also have ham instead of bacon, but there’s no sausage.

Were I to go again, I might get the omelette again, but I’d also like another side, maybe potatoes or grits, but neither is available. Nor is sausage, which I prefer to bacon or ham. (Turkey sausage would be my first choice.) They have a nice selection of pastry items, which I could have added for another $2.50-to-$3 or so, but that wouldn’t have satisfied me as much as potatoes or grits, and it would have raised the total to about $15, including $3 for coffee, which is way too much for breakfast.

If you like eggs Benedict, there are three choices, and also a few other items (link to menu):

(This is the online menu, not exactly the same as the eat-in menu.)

Try breakfast at Aperitivo for yourself. You might like it, and the size might be exactly what you need to start your day. But I prefer the fuller plates at The Morning Table, or Doug’s Day Diner (Superior or Boulder), or Alice’s in Longmont.

Conclusion: Excellent performance, but not my type of menu.

After posting this, I got this response from Aperitivo on

Thank you Marc…. Aperitivo is an Italian word meaning to “stimulate” your appetite… usually a starter to the evening…. we created Aperitivo Gunbarrel in the Italian tradition with smaller healthy entrees and small plates… while we NEVER have grits.. we do make on demand hash browns to accompany our breakfast /brunch menu items… our prices and diversity in meals allows our guests to enjoy a quality meal without all of the heavy starches, batter, sweetness that has become American breakfasts… see you soon. Thanks Marc for your continued support… Aperitivo is a locally owned business and we also LIVE in Gunbarrel…

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