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I'm on the HOA Board (elected in Oct. 2019), and I use this page to communicate information and my own opinions about HOA matters (definitely not those of the Board). I used this page in 2019, when the hot issue was an attempt by the Board to get new governing documents approved, but that's on the back burner now.

The main issue for 2020 will be electing two new Board members, to put the off-the-rails governing-documents project to sleep for good, and to improve the governance and transparency of the Board. More on that later!

For now, I'm trying to build my mailing list, since sending out information via US Mail is very expensive. If you're not already getting emails from me, please sign up below.

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Zoom Meeting on July 13

Here are the slides I showed.

Updates Emailed to My Mailing List

Essential information about what's really going on.


Governance Emails Sent to Board

I recently sent three emails to the HOA Board with suggestions about how we might hold meetings, corrections to financial statements, and issues with Board irregularities. You can read them here.

2019 Analysis of Proposed Governing Documents

In Fall 2019 the Board distributed a draft of new governing documents for comments. I wrote a detailed analysis and mailed in to HOA members. The draft documents were not sent out for a vote. It's not clear to what extent the next draft, if there is one, will be like the current draft, but you can read my analysis and the draft documents with these links:

My Analysis
Draft Documents