Dear Neighbor,

One of the Gunbarrel Green Board Directors, Jennifer Prohaska, is resigning, leaving a Board position open. The Board will fill that position at a Special Meeting next Monday, Feb. 17, at 4:30 PM. The Board members setting up this meeting haven't yet announced a place, but I'll send an email when one is chosen.

Under the Bylaws, the Board, not the membership, votes to fill an open position, the term of which ends at the next Annual Meeting, which will most likely be in October of this year.

They are asking for any member who wishes to be considered to contact Gina Hyatt by Feb. 13 (Thursday) "so phone calls and/or interviews can be scheduled." Those are her words, and I don't know exactly what she means, or what the process will be. Probably the information should be sent to the regular email address, gunbarrelgreen@gmail.com.

I don't know if the other Board members already have a candidate in mind or to what extent the selection process is really open. But if you're interested, I'd say go ahead and apply.

I don't know what other matters might come up at this Special Board Meeting. The Board hasn't voted on a new President, and Jennifer is Vice President, so it seems that those two officer position need to be filled, but I don't know if that will happen on Monday. I don't know if the Board will send out an agenda.

(Yeah, I know, it sounds like there's a lot I don't know. I refer to "the Board" even though I'm on the Board because there's a lot of conversation among them that doesn't include me. That's OK for now... this will all change in October, I hope.)

We had our Neighborhood Meeting a week ago last Monday, with a pretty good turnout even though there was snow. I provided an update on the Governing Documents Project, but nothing had happened, to my knowledge, since the Nov. 11 meeting, and a week later that's still true. The Board voted at its regular meeting on Jan. 15 to get together with the Governing Documents Committee, and it looks like that will happen no sooner than March. I'm guessing that nothing will happen until then. Actually, to my way of thinking, "nothing happening" is a good thing.

Almost everyone at the Meeting thought the Governing Documents work should be conducted publicly, and that there should be much more interchange with the membership about what provisions will ultimately be acceptable. Amazingly, this seems to be up to Mike Dorsey, the Chair of the Committee, who wasn't there. Chatting with a current and a former Board member who were there, I had the impression that the Board is powerless here. Weird. I'll let you know if the 2020 process is going to be different after the Board/Committee meeting in March.

The most pressing problem, in my view, is whether the Board will continue to pay money to the attorney at the same rate as they did in 2019 (over $10K). The Board hasn't decided anything, but I've gotten some informal indications from another Board member that the Committee will do this work itself, at no cost to the HOA. We'll see. There was a Jan. 2 letter from the attorney saying that the 2019 project has been completed, so it appears that there is currently no Board-authorized legal work on the Documents to be done.

Since attorney costs have stopped, possibly for many months, nobody at the Neighborhood Meeting saw an need to conduct an early Board election. Instead, most of us thought that we should just wait for the normal election in October, and then field strong candidates at that time. Two Board positions will be up for election, including the one to be filled on Monday.

There was some discussion of the "Tanglewood" secession, but nobody knows for sure exactly how to proceed. It's not within the power of the Board to do it, and possibly not even something that can be done with a 60% vote of the membership. The thinking of most of the group was that they need to get an attorney of their own to look into how it might be done. A few people suggested that the Board vote to pay for the Board's attorney to look into this, but I don't know how successful that would be. My guess would be that the Board would vote against it.

That's all for now. Come to the Monday Special Meeting if you can. Electing a new Director is an important matter.

Marc Rochkind
5074 Cottonwood Drive  

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