Review: Celestial Cafe

Somehow I wasn’t aware until yesterday of the Cafe inside the Celestial Seasonings building, which is open Monday-Friday for breakfast from 7 to 10, and for lunch from 11 to 2, but not on weekends at all.

It’s a very pleasant cafeteria with great prices and, from the online reviews I’ve looked at, great food. You can get a full breakfast for less than $6 plus beverage. And, since it’s a cafeteria, there’s no requirement to tip.

I’ve only been there for a breakfast buffet for a large group (my plate is pictured below), so can only say for sure that that breakfast was terrific. If you’re in a hurry, you can stop in for a grab-and-go breakfast and take it with you. Next time I’m there on my own, I’ll order the Boulder Scramble for $6.00: two eggs scrambled with mushrooms, sausage, spinach, and cheese, with salsa and potatoes. No bread, which is a good thing, although you really want it you can get toast, a Biscuit or an English muffin for $1.25.


They have china plates, metal utensils, and compostable cups, so it’s environmentally responsible in that sense. Vegan and vegetarian items and gluten-free bread are available. And, yes, even though it’s Celestial, they do have coffee.

The menu is online here.

If you’re looking to have breakfast before heading into Boulder, the Celestial Cafe is an easy stop. Afterwards, you can continue south on Spine Rd., make a left on Jay, and get on the Diagonal.